Top 10 sales tools for accelerating business growth

Explore 10 powerful sales software solutions to manage leads, automate tasks, and skyrocket your business growth. From free CRM tools to AI-powered platforms, find the perfect fit for your sales team.

Top 10 sales tools for accelerating business growth

Sales is the lifeline of any business, and without a proper tool, it is hard to close a sale today. Gone are the days when sales could be made using simple marketing techniques and walk-in customer approaches. As you go global and your business starts growing, you need a one-stop sales tool that provides an all-round sales support, helping you to manage all aspects of sales and provides transparency to your teams regarding your sales. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best sales software systems that you can leverage to boost business growth. So, let's start right away. 

10 Best sales software systems for boosting business growth

1. Pepper Cloud CRM 

If you are looking for web-based, all-in-one CRM software, Pepper Cloud CRM is an excellent choice. It offers a range of features, from lead capture to customer conversion, making it an ideal companion for expanding businesses.

With Pepper Cloud sales CRM system, you can capture leads from web forms, website widget, WhatsApp ads, incoming messages, and more.  

With features like ability to showcase catalogs, send out automated messages, reply with media files such as videos, audio files, and other documents, reply quickly with message templates, the sales tool helps in nurturing the leads and accelerating the sales cycle. 

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Pepper Cloud CRM streamlines workflows with pre-defined triggers, ensuring no leads are overlooked. Furthermore, Pepper Cloud, also known as WhatsApp CRM, seamlessly integrates with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, enabling efficient communication with leads and contacts, resulting in significant sales growth.

Underpinning these features is a robust analytics and dashboard providing invaluable insights into sales pipelines and lead generation efforts. This data empowers businesses to enhance their strategies and drive greater sales and revenue.

In summary, Pepper Cloud CRM serves as a comprehensive sales solution for managing leads, opportunities, accounts, and successful sales interactions, making it indispensable for growing enterprises.

2. LinkedIn's Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network with people from different industries and professions in one place. If you are in the B2B space and looking for a tool that can elevate your sales game, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the best. 

This tool provides custom lead recommendations that can strengthen your lead generation efforts and give better results. Moreover, you can also set up custom filtering criteria to find the right leads and reach out to them effectively using the platform’s InMail feature that can send an email, and message to the prospect in one click. 

Moreover, this sales software system integrates with existing CRMs that you use for your business, and it also provides an insightful dashboard that gets updates in real time. 

If you are unsure of the benefits of this tool, you can take a free trial anytime, and decide whether it is something that suits your needs. If you like it after the free trial, you can upgrade to the Core, Advanced, or Advanced Plus packages based on the features you want, and the amounts you are willing to pay. 

3. HubSpot CRM and Sidekick

HubSpot is a leading name in all marketing things, and it provides a free-forever CRM tool that you can use to up your sales game. With HubSpot CRM and Sidekick you can add contacts from a single click and then target those leads with custom sales templates, messages, and even product documents to drive them towards closing a deal. 

This tool also provides sales pipeline visualisation, tracking emails sent to different prospects, and various automation that makes it easier for you to manage and grow your sales. 

4. Salesloft

Salesloft is a lead and sales acceleration software that creates automated outreach emails, messages, and calling scripts, which can be used while reaching out to your leads. 

The sales tool helps your teams to work smarter and not harder through various features like touchpoint analysis, dialling, messaging, call recording, automation, analytics, and reporting. 

It provides features at different levels like essentials, advanced, and premier. The pricing for all levels is different, and you can get the pricing by requesting from their sales team on the product page. They will assess your requirements, assist you in choosing the right plan, and provide you with complete pricing of the chosen plan.

5. InsideSales

InsideSales is a sales software system that is designed based on predictive and prescriptive machine learning models. With the help of these models, this tool can help your sales teams find the right leads at each stage and reach out to them at a time when the chances of making a deal are pretty high. 

This tool manages leads, automates many different tasks, and also employs data from billions of sales interactions to identify the right leads at the right time. By using this tool, your sales teams will be more confident about the leads they reach out to and the chances of success will be higher. Moreover, you can manage and monitor all this using its in-built data visualisation and reporting tools. 

6. ZoomInfo

If you are a B2B business, you should definitely check out ZoomInfo. It is a market intelligence platform purpose-built for B2B sales and marketing teams. This platform provides multiple features and markets them as OS, where you can get Operations OS, Talent OS, Sales OS, and Marketing OS for your different teams. 

Searching the contacts and company names of different individuals is a breeze using the search option, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what this app can do. It also has a Chrome extension you can install and use for lead generation work.

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7. WittyParrot

WittyParrot is a unique tool that can be used for various purposes ranging from sales lead generation to talent acquisition and customer servicing. This tool can be used to create personalised content, repurpose existing content, and even respond to queries. 

WittyParrot also offers features to follow up leads after the first call for all selling situations, and it also customises the content between different leads. Moreover, it also helps sales teams to ask better questions to prospects in order to customise the products or services based on the buyer persona.

8. Salesforce AI

One of the reputed names in boosting sales and engaging customers with the best approaches, Salesforce AI is helping businesses stay ahead with the emerging trends by its effective AI integration in the Sales & marketing process. As per the recent Statistics, around 57% companies implement AI for еmail markеting and sales prediction, in which Salesforce is widely working on effectively leveraging AI capabilities to streamline the Sales process and also create a roadmap to achieve positive outcomes. 

Salesforce AI is a custom-built sales Platform specially developed to provide effective support for sales teams involved in rigorous sales operations that requires continuous monitoring and instant solutions on related client issues. This Platform implements positive AI practices and offers flexibility to accordingly adhere to the specific sales acceleration processes that involve automating repetitive tasks, gaining real-time pipeline insights, working with customizable dashboards, and scaling seamlessly with extended activities coping up with the new market needs. 

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9. Close CRM

Close CRM offers a streamlined single workflow without the requirement of any manual data entry, also automatically tracking emails sent as well as received. Close helps in making and receiving calls with just one click. This platform has a seamless lead activity management where you are notified on a timely basis for any new leads and also helps in extracting basic details of the respective leads. 

The Close’s pipeline overview gives an effective dashboard that allows you to view all progress & ongoing deals in your pipeline. It also provides all-in-one analysis on the potential leads including their progress status, order details and sales closing status. Close Platform possesses lead pages where you can easily track lead information, tasks, opportunities, contacts and all respective salesperson’s activity.

10. InsideView

InsideView is a market intelligence platform that can help you find, engage, and win the best prospects. It gathers data in real-time from more than 30,000 sources and provides you with relevant information to drive sales. 

It can help you build target lists based on the custom filtering criteria you set for your prospects.


We have discussed multiple different sales tools that can help accelerate your business growth. If you are unsure about which of these tools to use, most of them provide a free trial, and you should definitely take a free trial of each of these tools to evaluate which one serves your business needs better. Once you have selected the tools, it is time to use them thoroughly in your sales process, get started on enhancing customer service and make work easier for your sales team.