A complete list of Aug + Sept 2022 product updates

✔ UTM Tracking automation ✔ MailerLite integration ✔Integration with Shopify and LinkedIn through Zapier ✔ Message assignment notification ✔ Chinese record import

A complete list of Aug + Sept 2022 product updates

Big news! We recently launched a few important integrations and product features that will ease your sales process and boost your sales productivity. In this product release update, we will discuss MailerLite integration, UTM Tracking, Shopify and LinkedIn integration through Zapier, and other features.

UTM Tracking

With our latest update, you can track from where your leads are getting generated.

Automate and track the sources and other details of Leads by implementing UTM Tracking URLs/codes in your marketing campaigns. This automation also helps you in monitoring your marketing efforts and improves the accuracy of your attribution. You can view the sources and campaign details of your Leads on the Leads details page.

Read our product help blog to know more about how to integrate UTM with Pepper Cloud CRM.

MailerLite integration

Now live with the ability to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your very own CRM.

Previously, you could integrate only Mailchimp with Pepper Cloud CRM. With the recent update, you can now integrate another big email marketing tool, MailerLite. The integration allows you to sync your leads and contacts with MailerLite and track the metrics of email campaigns through visual dashboards.

Read our product help blog to know more about how to integrate MailerLite with Pepper Cloud CRM.

Integration with Shopify and LinkedIn through Zapier

Our clients' requests are always heard. When a client of Pepper Cloud CRM asked for an integration with Shopify, our team was all spirited and we released Shopify integration with CRM through Zapier and also LinkedIn integration with CRM through Zapier.

The CRM integration allows you to automatically sync your leads and contacts from Shopify and LinkedIn into your CRM and empowers your sales team to nurture them right away.

More product updates

  • Message assignment notification

Your team members need not constantly check the new messages that have been assigned to them.

Pepper Cloud CRM now sends out an email to the individual as soon as a new conversation is assigned to them. Additionally, they will also be notified in the CRM itself of the new conversation and record details.

  • Easy import of records in the Chinese language

You can now import your records in the Chinese language. Pepper Cloud now supports Chinese characters in its CRM.

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