Introducing Pepper Cloud CRM Inbox

We are here with a new set of product improvements and updates. Inbox CRM, Google contacts or outlook contacts integration, account creation on the go and many more.

Introducing Pepper Cloud CRM Inbox

“We have always done it this way!” - We crossed that out!

“If not now, when?” - We asked!

And hence, here we are with a new set of product improvements and updates to ease your business workflow and join our hands in your business growth.

Manage your emails from your CRM

Switching between the tabs or websites to access the emails has always been cumbersome. We heard you! So, we are presenting you with our brand new CRM integration with Gmail or Outlook.

The integration between your email provider and the CRM provides you with complete access to your email conversations right from your Pepper Cloud inbox.

Here are a few fantastic features of CRM Inbox and how you can use it to ease your business operations!

  • You can conveniently access your Gmail or Outlook right from your CRM, anytime and anywhere.
  • Integrate Gmail or Outlook with your Pepper Cloud account. Fetch the email conversation of the last 30-days through our 2-way sync feature.
  • Never worry about missing out on any conversations. You can refresh your inbox and keep your email conversations updated.
  • You can send email attachments from your CRM inbox, just like your Gmail and Outlook.
  • You can secure your email conversations with your customers even after disintegrating your team members' Gmail or Outlook account.

Wondering how to start your email integration? Refer to these easy steps!

  • Initiate the integration process by clicking on “Integrate”.
  • Enter your Gmail/Outlook credentials and grant necessary permissions to CRM.
  • Sit back and relax while your email accounts integrate and your emails are imported.

Import contacts with fewer efforts

With our enhanced contact import capabilities, you can save your time and effort by importing contacts from Google Contacts and Outlook, apart from excel/CSV/Web forms. Synchronize your contacts and manage them on the go.

Here is how you can integrate your Google contacts or outlook contacts with your Pepper Cloud account and import the contacts in minutes.

  • Connect Google contacts or Outlook contacts with the Pepper Cloud account.
  • Choose whether you want to import bulk contacts or only selected contacts.

If you wish to import selected contacts, you can do so with the help of tags/segments.

  • You can qualify the contacts either as contacts or as leads while importing them to your account.
  • Map the different fields of the contacts to either system fields or custom fields as per your requirements.
  • Complete the import and witness the integration of all the details of your contacts (such as display pics, avatars, and other details).

Privacy option for your web forms

Webforms have always been an excellent way to generate leads. But did you know having the “Privacy Policy” option can help you achieve full compliance with various anti-spam laws?

We, at Pepper Cloud, have implemented an update just for you!

“Privacy Policy” option!

Give your subscribers or website visitors a choice to consent while filling up your contact form.

We will come back to you again with more product updates. Till then, explore our new features and let us know your experience!