An upgraded look for an enhanced experience

At Pepper Cloud, we strive to provide you with the best user experience. So, here we are with our brand new look and upgraded interface.

An upgraded look for an enhanced experience

It is no secret that quick and easy ways provide the best user experience.

We align with those thoughts. So, here we are with our brand new look and enhanced user interface that offers easy navigation, improved workflow, and an ultimate user experience.

A new design for the business page

We are introducing a sleek and streamlined 3-column layout on our product business page. The three columns: information panel, activity panel, and association panel, provide you with all the details associated with the chosen business records (account, lead, or contacts).

In simpler words, with the bare minimum clicks, get a bird’s eye view of all the record-related information.

Simplified navigation to business records

Accessing the business records has been made a whole lot easier with our new interface enhancements.

You need not navigate into individual records anymore. Just click on the account, lead, or contact, and retrieve all the information you need, on the go.

Additionally, the information panel is now made collapsible, allowing you to control your screen layout and focus on valuable data at once.

Upload avatars

We understand having a picture adds a lot to your experience. It provides a way to associate a name with the person and allows you to personalise the overall experience for your customers. So, here is our new feature.

With our fresh look and fantastic interface, you can upload your customers' pictures/avatars and let your entire team know with whom they are communicating.

Easy access to activities

Our modern look of the activity details page allows you to create tasks seamlessly and with just a click.

Alongside, the details page is now provided with a toggle to change the status of the activities. Switch between “Open” and “Completed” with just a slide and keep the task status updated.

Get a glimpse of our modern look and layout in this video.

We will be back to you again with more product updates. Till then, experience our new look and let us know what you think.

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