Pepper Cloud CRM integrates with Xero

Keep track of your sales and accounting with a powerful integration between Pepper Cloud CRM and Xero accounting software.

Pepper Cloud CRM integrates with Xero

In every business, “quotation” plays a vital role in the sales process and in closing business deals. It introduces your business to a new customer or lead and provides a quick reference of your prices for goods or services. However, sales teams often struggle with the tedious steps involved in generating quotations. This includes manual creation of quotations in spreadsheets, converting them to PDF, and then sending them to clients. Alongside, the challenge of tracking the status of sent quotations persists too. 

To ease the entire process and resolve the associated challenges, we have integrated Xero accounting software with Pepper Cloud CRM. The Xero CRM integration allows you to sync your accounts, generate quotations, and track invoices right from the CRM. This integration streamlines your sales process and manages your business efficiently.

Powerful features and exclusive benefits of Xero CRM integration

Pepper Cloud and Xero, the CRM and accounting software integration creates seamless, complete, and data-driven user experiences. Here is how the integration does it: 

1. Generate quotations within the CRM

Creating and sending the quotations from scratch every time can be time-consuming. But with Xero CRM integration, you can use preset quotation formats, populate the data, and send it to your customers in seconds.  

2. Track quotations conveniently

With the CRM and Xero integration features, your sales reps can easily track and monitor the status of quotations. They can determine if the quotations have been accepted, declined, or invoiced, and follow up with customers if required.

3. Pre-populate data

Pepper Cloud and Xero accounting software integration allows you to auto-populate fields such as item details, prices, taxes, discounts, and due dates in the quotations. This saves you from entering inaccurate data into the entries and affecting the sales opportunities later.

4. Easy data sync

The Xero CRM integration allows your team to save time and effort through its powerful data sync feature. The one-way sync of data allows the quotations created in your Pepper Cloud CRM account to reflect in Xero almost instantly. 

5. Streamline workflows

Your growing business might need to handle multiple entities and different currencies. With the best CRM for Xero accounting software, your business can easily manage these variants, streamlining the business while boosting your team’s productivity.

A Guide to Connect Xero Accounting Software with Pepper Cloud CRM
With this step-by-step guide, learn how to integrate your Xero account with Pepper Cloud CRM, generate, view, edit, and send quotations.

How much more can you benefit from Pepper Cloud CRM and Xero accounting software integration? 

The upcoming updates to the Xero CRM integration will provide you with all the account-related information, such as buying patterns of customers, ageing reports, credit limits, credit terms, and statements of accounts. This can help your sales team get a complete overview of the sales process and provide them with intelligent insights about your customers’ requirements.

Summing up

Pepper Cloud CRM along with Xero accounting software can give you more control over your business processes and help in the growth of your business. So, go ahead and experience it for yourself. 

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