Meet your Leads where they are with WhatsApp Integration

Talk to your WhatsApp leads right from your CRM with this powerful WhatsApp CRM integration. Learn how WhatsApp CRM integration can benefit your business and empower your sales team.

Meet your Leads where they are with WhatsApp Integration

Pepper Cloud brings to you WhatsApp integration that enables you to talk to your WhatsApp leads right from your CRM and capture those leads automatically into your CRM account.

Why does it matter?

In the modern era where customers are opting for digital conversations for faster reach and ease, popular messaging apps like WhatsApp can provide an enormous opportunity to connect with your prospects and customers.

And now, with WhatsApp-integrated Pepper Cloud CRM, you can talk to your prospects through their favorite messaging app, WhatsApp, and provide them with personalised experiences.

How can WhatsApp CRM integration help your business?

  • One channel for all your conversations: Connect your WhatsApp business API with your CRM account and converse with your potential customers from a single platform, your CRM system.
  • Chat from multiple devices: Empower your entire team to talk with your prospects from their own devices, simultaneously. With WhatsApp integration, you can now chat from a single WhatsApp Business account through multiple devices.
  • Expedite your business with instant messaging: Talk to your prospects in real-time, understand their requirements, and close deals faster.
  • A holistic view of prospects: Get complete details of your prospects by accessing their profiles and conversation timelines. And provide your prospects with personalised experiences.
  • Collaborate with your team: Involve your team members to enable collaborative sales processes. Notify and assign conversations to your teammates when you need their help.
  • Add closing notes: Let your teammates know the special instructions about the prospect or add any other important data required, in the closing note.
  • Seamless WhatsApp message templates: Send out quick replies to your leads through pre-approved, readily available message templates.
  • Real-time delivery indicators: Be aware of whether your message is pending, delivered, or read. Pepper Cloud CRM displays accurate message delivery indicators in real-time.
  • Broadcast messages: Send out various kinds of messages such as appointment and transaction updates, to a broader audience with the broadcast message option of the CRM.
  • Capture leads automatically: Don’t miss out on any leads. The integration helps you to automatically capture the details of the WhatsApp leads and save them in your CRM software.

How more can you benefit from WhatsApp CRM integration?

  • Add an engagement button to your website that allows interested web visitors a way to connect via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.
  • Reply faster to frequently asked questions with message templates.

For more details on how to connect WhatsApp to your CRM account, read our comprehensive guide.

In a nutshell, the integration can help you organise your contacts with ease, control your conversations effortlessly, and build your business relationships on the go.

We will come back to you again with more product updates. Till then, explore this new feature and let us know your experience!

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